Do You Know the Guy in the Chair?

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Josie Sandi and Jason Orellana

Digital marketing is an essential tool for local small businesses to thrive and reach their target audience. As local businesses, we understand the value of building meaningful relationships, and that’s why we, at Emphasis.LA, are passionate about supporting and collaborating with fellow local enterprises. We believe in transparency, genuine connections, and the power of face-to-face interactions, which is why we ask our fellow small business owners: “Do you know the guy in the chair?”

In the Spider-Man movies, Ned Leeds asks Peter Parker if he can be his Guy in the Chair. A person that is ready and able to help the superhero accomplish his goals. He might not be able to do the same amazing things that Peter Parker can do but he has a unique set of skills that make him an asset in certain situations. Ned is a partner that Peter can confide in.

A Personal Touch in Marketing:

Large corporations have taken over many of the products and services we consume daily, making impersonal interactions all too common. You might call on a large marketing agency, for example, and you’re transferred from one department to another, leaving you feeling like just another number on their list. There’s little to no communication between these departments, and your marketing strategy becomes disjointed, lacking cohesion and effectiveness. The primary measure of your importance to them is often the amount of money you spend, which can be disheartening for local businesses with limited budgets.

A lot of times, small agencies will sublet all or most of their work to larger companies overseas. This is why even though they are a small agency, they have phone extensions and you may be talking with different people all of the time.

At Emphasis.LA, we do things differently. When you work with us, you won’t be dealing with a disconnected chain of departments or being assigned an impersonal numerical value. Instead, you’ll be acquainted with the “Guy in the Chair” – a dedicated professional who serves as your main point of contact. I, Jason Orellana, or a member of my team, will immerse ourselves in your business, getting to know your goals, your values, and your unique challenges. We will be your partner in crafting a tailored marketing strategy that resonates with your target audience and drives real results.

The Power of Local

We pride ourselves on staying true to our roots by supporting local businesses and hiring local talent. Our commitment to the local community means that we understand the Southern California market intimately. We are well-versed in its nuances, trends, and preferences, which allows us to develop marketing campaigns that have an authentic local touch.

When you choose Emphasis.LA, you can be confident that your marketing team will be right here in Southern California, accessible and responsive whenever you need them. Unlike larger agencies that might outsource work overseas, we believe in investing in our local economy and providing the best service possible to our clients.

Building Lasting Relationships

At Emphasis.LA, building relationships is at the core of what we do. We’re not just here to complete a marketing project; we’re here to be your long-term partner in success. As we get to know you and your business, we can better anticipate your needs and adapt your marketing strategy accordingly. We celebrate your wins as our own and are invested in helping you achieve your goals.

Networking and Beyond

One of the ways we love to connect with local businesses is through face-to-face interactions. You might have seen us at networking events, industry conferences, or even local community gatherings. We value these opportunities to meet you personally, learn about your business, and explore potential collaborations.

If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, we encourage you to reach out to us. Whether it’s through a casual meetup at a local coffee shop or a formal consultation, we’re eager to start a conversation and discover how we can help your business thrive.


As local small business owners, we understand the power of personal connections and genuine relationships. When choosing a marketing agency, ask yourself, “Do I know the guy in the chair?” Emphasis.LA is committed to being that personal touch in your marketing journey. We value your trust, invest in our local community, and are dedicated to understanding your unique needs.

Every superhero needs their support system, and we want to be that for you. Let’s work together to achieve your business goals – because when local businesses support each other, the entire community thrives. Can we be your Guy in the Chair? Say it with Emphasis!