Pasadena Executive Roundtable

Non-profits in the city of Pasadena are very fortunate to have a helping hand with organizations such as the Pasadena Executive Roundtable (PERT) and Jericho Road Pasadena. Two organizations that are dedicated to making Pasadena non-profits successful in their missions. The Pasadena Executive Roundtable is an “informal consortium” of non-profit leaders that gather to discuss topics of leadership and others beneficial to the non-profit community in Pasadena.

Emphasis.LA was introduced to PERT through Jericho Road Pasadena. We redesigned the website to make it easier for people interested in the organization to learn more about it and added a calendar so people can see the upcoming events.

Jericho Road Pasadena logo

Melanie & Beth

Jericho Road Pasadena

The re-designed website has had a great response from the roundtable members & non-profit community. Communication is much easier, and we get fewer phone calls from people confused about upcoming events! The new design represents the roundtable more professionally, which is what they were especially looking for.

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